Animal Charity of Ohio's Jane MacMurchy Spoke to Gary Rivers on Mix989

Jane is hoping someone will come forward to adopt the cute puppy she brought along for the interview.

According to Jane, Animal Charity of Ohio is a 501 c3 registered non-profit organization with a full service veterinary clinic and the only humane society in Mahoning County. Every year millions of pets are abused, neglected, or abandoned. Our affordable prices help support our humane program to fight animal cruelty and to educate the public on responsible pet ownership. You can help save lives by reporting any animal abuse or neglect, utilizing our vet services for your pet, or by adopting one of our rescued animals and giving them the loving home they deserve.

Our Veterinary Clinic

We operate an affordable full service vet clinic to serve the residents of the valley and their pets. 

Our Shelter

Our Shelter houses animals that are removed for humane reasons and need to find homes that will give them the love and care they deserve.

Our Humane Department

Our Humane Department is staffed by one humane agent who investigates calls and complaints across Mahoning County. 

Here is the Full Interview

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