Health Tips for PCOS Suffers

According to

50% of Women with this disorder are considered overweight or Obese  

- Well thats a kick in the pants isn't it? if it's not bad enough your fighting an fertility battle you're also most likely in the fat kid category. Normally, this doesn't come as a big shock. I know I can't eat the same amounts of pizza and ice cream that I did in high school and get away with it.... So, what are my options? 

First, I had to figure out why what I was eating was having such an effect on my body producing a healthy. says; women with PCOS are often found to have higher than normal insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that helps the cells in your body turn sugar into energy. Pretty important because I spend most of my time mustering up energy out Starbuck cups. 

Not enough insulin= Blood sugar levels rising

This can happen if you're insulin resistant, meaning your body is unable to to USE the insulin you produce effectively which leads your ovaries to produce more Androgens, like testosterone. Insulin resistance make it hard to lose wieght and a diet high in refined carbs like starchy and sugary foods can make it even harder. 

So what can I eat that will help my body lose the weight and keep my insulin production in check?

  • High Fiber vegetables like;
    • lbroccoli
    • red leaf lettuce 
    • green peppers 
    • sweet potatoes
    • berries
  • Lean proteins like;
    •  fish 
    • tofu  
    • chicken
  • Anti-inflammatory food and spices such as;
    • turmeric 
    • tomatoes
    • kale
    • spinach
    • olive oil  

Ideas for what what to stay away from?

  • Foods high in refined carbohydrates such as;
    • White bread
    • Muffins
    • Breakfast Pastries 
    • Sugary desserts
    • White potatoes 
    • Anything made with flour
  • Sugary snack and drinks
    • High fructose corn  syrup
    • dextrose
  • Inflammatory foods such as;
    • processed  and red meats 
    • french fries 
    • Margarine

According to 

Doctors recommend about 150 minutes per week of exercise. Daily activity, low sugar intake and low-inflammation diet may result in you seeing improved ovulation and weight loss. Keep being positive about yourself and you body. Just because you have symptoms of PCOS doesn't mean things will forever have to be effected by them. Only you can change how you feel and how these will effect your life. 

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