Britney Spears Loves A Good Target Run


Britney Spears may be worth millions, but it seems even she loves a good bargain, especially if it means another trip to her favorite store – Target.

Financial documents filed in her conservatorship case reveals Britney had $400,000 in expenses last year, which include money she spent during 80 trips to Target between July and October of 2018.

She’s also apparently a big fan of Ralphs and Home Depot, making numerous trips to both and spending just over $66,000 at the two stores.

The documents for 2018 show Britney worth $59,079,755.76, $2.5 million higher than in 2017.

Her biggest yearly expense is her conservators and case management advisors, which get over $1 million a year, with $128,000 specifically going to her dad Jamie.

Source:The Blast

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Wes Miller on MIX 98.9

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