#GoodNews: Dad Gets Tattoo To Match Son’s Burn Scars

Joel Thomas of Festus, Missouri has been getting tattooed for a long time but he says his newest ink means so much more. His latest tattoo is a replica of burn scars his nine-year-old son Landon has from falling into a bonfire and severely burning his leg.

Thomas promised his son he’d get a tattoo to match the burn scars so he wouldn’t have to live with the reminder of the horrible accident alone. The dad sent their story to the tattoo competition show “Ink Masters” and was selected to appear on the show. He got the ink done and the episode just aired and Thomas says it’s made a world of difference.

"It represents, that no matter what happens in life, you can't break the bond of a father and son" he says. "I'm once again proving that I'm going to walk through life as his protector and as his best friend trying to absorb any pain away from him the way I can"

Source: Fox 2 Now

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