Olivia Munn Tearfully Reveals Why She Chose To Document Her Cancer Journey

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Olivia Munn recently opened up about the reason she decided to document her cancer journey amid an ongoing battle with breast cancer.

The Newsroom actress spoke with Michael Strahan on Thursday's (May 16) episode of Good Morning America, revealing that she chose to document her cancer journey so that if she were to pass away, her son Malcolm, 2, whom she shares with husband John Mulaney, would know that she "fought to be here."

"Honestly, I just thought of my baby. If I didn't make it, I wanted my son when he got older to know that I fought to be here. That I tried my best." Munn tearfully explained that Malcom's future was the first thing she thought of when she found out that she had cancer in April 2023.

The 43-year-old underwent a double mastectomy in 2023 after testing negative for two BCRA genes (cancer fighting genes) and receiving positive feedback from two mammograms. Despite her test results, she decided to calculate her "Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Score," and it was this that led to the discovery of Luminal B cancer present throughout her body.

Munn shared news of her diagnosis with the public in March 2023 and continues to unveil new details about the trails she's faced amid battling cancer. Just last week the mother-of-one explained that, in addition to a double mastectomy, she underwent a full hysterectomy and oophorectomy to remove her uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Before her hysterectomy, the actress underwent an "egg retrieval process" with the possibility of conceiving a second child in mind.

"John and I had a long talk about it," she told Strahan. "We realized that we weren't done growing our family." 

Munn detailed the process:

"Right after the mastectomy, I went through a round of egg retrieval and that's a scary process because I have a cancer that feeds off of hormones, so I knew that there was a risk. Our doctor said, 'Look, we're gonna get one for you and then we're gonna call it.' And then our doctor called and he said, 'Hey, so we got the results back. It's two healthy embryos.' And I, I mean, just started bawling crying. Both of us. We just really hope it works out for us to be able to have another baby. We just want one more. I'm not gonna ask for too much more in this life, I promise. I just want one more baby." 

She also mentioned that, despite an aggressive approach towards battling cancer, she is exhausted beyond what she ever thought possible, and is extremely tired. Munn continues to receive treatment with a brave attitude and the unwavering support of family and friends.

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