Are You Practicing Safe"Pandemiquette"? Handling Thanksgiving with the Fam!

valerie sokoloski

valerie sokoloski

Mix 989's Gary Rivers Interviews Career Coach & Etiquette Expert, Valerie Sokolosky on How to eliminate hurt feelings when you turn down family dinner invitations.

About Valerie: Author of eight books on professional presence and leadership, Valerie passionately shares her vast knowledge on topics that are compelling and relevant today more than ever before as noted by her mentor Letitia Baldridge— the White House Social Secretary for President Kennedy: “One’s presence plays a role in the conduct of successful business. People skills are more important than ever. Knowing how to show up professionally and authentically makes life worth living, and makes society go forward instead of into reverse gear.”

Hear Gary's interview with Valerie -- and learn what she had to say about Thanksgiving dinner invitations: