Berritt Haynes Tells Mix 989 He's Amazed at Being On The Voice

19 Year Old Barrett Haynes of Pell, Alabama seems genuinely awestruck. He talked with Mix 989's Gary Rivers about his journey to THE VOICE - And what it's like to work with Blake Shelton. Listen to the Interview, below:

About Berritt.

He's currently on Team Blake on THE VOICE.

Berritt spent his early childhood playing every sport, but sadly at eight years old he was diagnosed with a heart condition. It was discovered that Berritt had HCM, a disease in which the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick and has to beat harder to compensate for normal blood flow. Doctor's orders forced him to give up on sports, but luckily his parents enrolled him in guitar lessons and music quickly became his saving grace. Berritt started to blossom as an artist, but at 17 he had to undergo open-heart surgery to save his life. Make-A-Wish was going to allow Berritt to meet "The Voice" Coaches, but the COVID-19 pandemic sidelined that opportunity. Berritt decided to audition instead and made it to "The Voice" stage on talent alone.

Song: "Yellow," by Coldplay


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