Here's the Mix Morning Show Top TV Dads of All Time Poll Results

Bob Sagat, who tragically passed away earlier this week, gas been called the "TV Dad of the 90's" . But, Where Does He rate All-Time in the annals of TV Fathers? We asked our Mix Morning Show Listeners. Here's the results of our not-so-scientific poll!

In No Particular order, Our Top 5 Vote-Getters

  • Bob Sagat as Danny Tanner of Full House
  • Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show
  • Tom Bosley as Howard Cunningham on Happy Days
  • Uncle Phil on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • Tim Allen on both of his shows Home Improvement and Last Man Standing.

Also receiving votes:

  • Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie
  • Ralph Waite as John Walton from the Waltons
  • Dan Conner on Roseanne and the Conners
  • Family Matter's Mr Winslow
  • Tony Danza on Who's the Boss
  • Ray Romano - Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Homer Simpson on the Simpsons
  • Cliff Huxtable on the Bill Cosby Show
  • Ward Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver
  • Al Bundy on Married with Children
  • Terry Crews on Everybody Hates Chris
  • Alan Thicke on Growing Pains
  • John Ritter. Eight Simple Rules
  • Ben Cartwright on Bonanza (I mean, he taught Michael Landon to be a great dad)

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