Lashana Lynch, the First Female 007 'With Bond It Could Be A Man Or Woman'

Lashana Lynch recently spoke about what it's like to be the first female 007. When asked by Guardian if she was the next Bond, she said while laughing, "Nooo! You don’t want me! I’d just be like, 'Erm, right, so where do you start again?'"

She spoke about her character in the movie and said, "I said, I want her to be a real woman, but I don’t want her work to make her masculine. She’s not slick. She has it together, she’s highly competent and very highly skilled, but she’s a real human being and sometimes she’s awkward."

She also talked about training for the role and said, "I asked the stunt team if they could make me into a ninja and they said yes. They’ve trained me for life. I’m very happy."

Lynch also opens up about her career and said this is always what she was meant to do. "A lot of people used to talk about: ‘You must have a Plan B.’ I was like, ‘That doesn’t exist.’ There was never a plan B," she said. 

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No Time to Die arrives September 30th. 


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