Actor Michael Rapaport Calls Out AOC Over 'Tax The Rich' Met Gala Dress

Michael Rapaport called out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a dress she wore to the Met Gala.

It was a white dress with the words, Tax The Rich splashed in red on the back.

A ticket to the high fashion event can cost $30,000.

Michael wrote on social media, custom Tax The Rich dress while at the most elitist event in the world. AOC will soon be rich with a ginormous production deal from somewhere and done with politics, guarantee it.

Proceeds from the nights event go to the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute.

The Institute serves as the museum's fashion department and is the only department that must fund itself.

AOC said on the red carpet she understood the optics of her being there would be bad if she did not use her presence to bring about a message.


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